B.A.P-빗소리 (Rain Sound)

It’s been a dreary and wet Saturday, my kind of day. The sound of the rain hitting the glass a few feet from my bed and the low rumble of thunder moving in reminded me of this song by B.A.P, a K-pop group that debuted in 2012. “빗소리” (“Rain Sound,”): 비 (bi) in Korean is “rain;” 소리 (soli) is “sound.” They’re singing about missing a girl as the sound of the rain brings up memories of their past.

What does the sound of rain mean to you? To me, it’s a reminder to slow down and relax, savoring the little moments in life, like the sound of the drops tapping against the window pane, because I miss much more when I’m buzzing around without stopping, listening, and observing.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! Or at least find the colorful music video appealing.

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