Apologies etc.

Apology 1: I’m issuing a blanket apology to everyone who has commented on my blog and I am just now responding to. This is the problem with looking at notifications on my phone, on the go, and with an atrocious memory. So, 죄송합니다.

Apology 2: This isn’t so much of an apology as it is a lament? No, not that either. Basically, I wanted Germany to beat Brazil today (World Cup! Woo!), and they did. But I didn’t like them winning 7-1. I felt bad. I almost even had sympathy tears. My cousin told me we needed to harden my sensitivies, which is probably true. Soccer is such a passionate sport for many people that I can only imagine how devastated the Brazilian players and fans are.

Apology 3: I won’t be finishing Emma by Thursday. Not unless someone convinces my employer to not make me work overtime for the rest of the week. No, wait, don’t do that. I need the money. I’m looking at a Saturday delivery date on that post for you guys. Here’s hoping!


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