Falling in Love with Fall. Again.

I’m back, everyone! I’ve finished my course and managed to emerge relatively unscathed. Oh, and I passed too, so cheers to me and my two-hours-of-sleep-a-night for a month. Now for the job hunt that might have me moving to Texas or California. Apparently, that’s where the majority of the TESOL jobs are in the States. I could go overseas, but I’ve gotten used to having my family in the same country. Maybe if there’s an opening in Edinburgh. I could never turn down Edinburgh. These “53 Reasons Living in Edinburgh Ruins You for Life” hit the nail on the head.

I love fall. Autumn, if you prefer. There are several reasons, but here are just a few: 1) My birthday. 2) The colors. 3) The weather. 4) The sound of leaves crunching under my feet. 5) The smell. 6) Everything else.

This sums up my view of fall. It was taken from the road to Blair Castle. Courtesy of my father.

It seems to me that fall is a time of change, a transition between summer and winter, hot and cold. It’s always struck me more as a transition than spring. I find that spring is kind of skipped, or is shorter, less of a transition from winter to summer. Fall, on the other hand, is. I love fall. I love my birthday even if a big celebration is less appealing than a small family dinner. I love the colors of the leaves and the crunch beneath my feet. I love the weather and the smell of the coming winter. I love everything fall has to offer.

Even though the fall has brought grief two years in a row, I still look forward to it. Two years in a row has a friend of mine lost a parent, and it’s broken my heart every time. It’s the end of a life and yet the people they leave behind have to keep moving on. Going forward is the only option because going forward means embracing the past, accepting the tragedy, and realizing that there is still a future for you. One of my dear friends lost her father this week, two days before my birthday, and I cried for her and her siblings and her mother. I cried for the wonderful man that left them too early, but I also smiled for the life that he lived, for the love that he gave his wife and children, and the love that they gave him. While it is hard for them to move on, I hope that they can. I hope that they can embrace the remainder of their lives to the fullest because that’s what he would want them to do. I’m sure they’ve heard this all before and that it might even be annoying because how could I understand when both of my parents are still alive, but it’s still my hope. I pray they can find peace in this difficult time, and to find the hope that they need to go forward, and will always remember the love they shared with him.

In a season of change, it seems fitting that we should all look forward to the future. I don’t like to wait until January 1st to shed the past year’s difficulties. I’d rather do it in the fall, letting it slough off with the autumn leaves falling to the ground. I like to imagine the snow in winter as a time for cleaning out the bad. It’s white, the color of purity. So this fall, I’ll dump all my worries about jobs, writing, love, what have you, onto the ground and watch them be covered with snow until it melts and all that’s left are new blades of grass ready to grow.

I hope everyone sees the beauty of fall and remembers to enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks while they can! I’ll be back with a book review soon and my take on NaNoWriMo this year.


One thought on “Falling in Love with Fall. Again.

  1. Daddy was a wonderful man. He loved all my friends as they were his own. He wouldn’t want me to sit and cry all day. He would want me to move on from this, and live a happy life. So I am looking forward to the future. Thank you for your beautiful friendship, and this post. I love you.

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