Japanese Stab Binding: Eowyn

I’ve been MIA. I have been busy. As the days ticked by, the guiltier I felt about neglecting my blog. But I’m back! I should have more time now that the holidays have settled down, and my parents have officially moved into their new home. So to start off this new year, I decided to show you another Japanese stab binding. This is one I designed myself and through much deliberation (more necessary), I have decided to call it Eowyn. My friend suggested it after trying to convince me it should be Galadriel. Have you noticed something? They’re all characters from Lord of the Rings! She and I love LOTR, even more so after we saw LOTR: The Musical several years ago. Yes, there is a musical. And yes, it was spectacular, but that’s for a different post.

My friend told me this reminded her of something you’d find in Rohan, which is how we came up with Eowyn. Maybe I’ll change it. Maybe I won’t. Eowyn uses 24 holes. I made this particular book for my uncle, who was gracious enough to spend a week helping my parents move. He’s a fantastic uncle to me and an awesome brother to my mom, so I thought, “Oh book!” He tells me he’ll love anything I make. Translation: I won’t answer any of your questions and it’s all up to you. Ugh. Some direction is nice, uncle. We’ll see if he really will love anything I make!IMG_2793

The evolution of his notebook was insane. I got through 95% of the stitching when I ran out of thread. I unthreaded it and noticed the clips had indented the paper. I covered that up with some nice looking tape to make a design. I remade the covers using a thin piece of cardboard because the paper was too flimsy. But then that was too thick so I undid the stitching again. Anyway, after finally getting the cover the right thickness (which also involved a gap where it bends on the front of cover), I sewed it. I said to my brother, “This is it. This is the last time I’ll have to sew it.”

Three stitches to the end, my jaw dropped in horror. There it was. A glaring mistake. I had stitched my third stitch the wrong direction. So I unsewed it and began again.

The horror story ends there, though. That last time was the charm! I think it was time 10? What do you think of Eowyn? Any other name suggestions?


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