K-pop Writing Prompt: B.A.P’s 1004

It’s been a while since I’ve done a K-pop writing prompt. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned how successful the last one was. I ended up writing 532 words in fifteen minutes. That’s a lot for me! I decided to do another one to get the juices flowing again. This time Smarty Pants chose the song for me—B.A.P’s 1004. It was the only one he remembered the name of, but that’s alright. After fifteen minutes of writing, I had 447 words and the wheels were still turning. I may be able to work it (or the idea) into one of my novels or even the other K-pop writing prompt I did.

I think I’ve hit upon an excellent way of enhancing my creativity. It may not work for everyone, but so far it’s proved successful for me! I think I’ll take Gandalf’s advice and turn the first writing prompt (Super Junior’s Mamacita) into a story. It already has an interesting character, and isn’t that one of the harder elements of writing to figure out?

Happy writing!


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