Captain Confidence gets a notebook!

In order to thank Captain Confidence for being so encouraging, I decided to make him a notebook. That and he asked. I thought long and hard about what kind of binding to do. I wanted one that would hold together and where the signatures wouldn’t flop around all loose and flimsy. I opted for binding the signatures directly to the spine. I believe the usual designs for it are long stitches, daisy chains, and cross stitching. After several prototypes (at least 5), I had designed a stitch pattern that I liked. It took me a couple of run-throughs until I actually stitched it correctly, though!

C 3The colors were another matter altogether. Someone suggested blue, but I didn’t like any of the blue I had. I thought of gray since that’s his favorite color, but the gray was rather icky. I opted to use Aresenal’s colors since that is his favorite soccer team. However, white in large amounts is blinding and dirties easily. I switched white out for black and used white thread instead. I don’t know if he noticed, but it was all intentional!

On one of my sleepless nights, I decided to make a clamshell box too because I was bored. That took ages. I hadn’t made one in several months and forgot how tedious it could be, even more so because it was small. Then it was Sunday, and I couldn’t mail it out. It sat on my table taunting me. It kept screaming, “I’m not done! Something is missing. Figure it out or I’ll sit here on your table forever and you’ll starve because you can’t eat.” I’d walk by the book several times, thinking, always thinking. While watching an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles a bell went off—a pocket! I like origami and thought an origami envelope/pocket would be great, but all of the origami envelopes I knew of would involve unfolding completely. Instead, I made a portfolio type pocket and stepped back and smiled. It was finally finished.

C pocket side                 IMG_2849 - Copy

He promised to test-drive it for me so I know how it holds up. I hope it holds up well! Last thing anyone wants to hear is that the stitches came loose or the glue isn’t holding the cover together anymore. Now, who wants a notebook? I feel like making another one.

P.S. It’s 6×9. The spine is 6 inches. Don’t do that. It makes the signatures hard to work with when sewing it together. Flip it around so the spine is 9 inches. You’ll thank yourself later.

P.P.S. I tried to turn the background of my pictures white, but there was no easy way to do it. So the lines on the book don’t look straight, but I promise they were pristine edges all around!

C 2


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