Mansfield Park, the movie

I started writing this post three weeks ago. I forgot about it. That’s what happens when you’re busy packing I suppose.

All I have to say on my extended absence is: I’m sorry.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on to what has enraged me so much that I had to write this blog post after an unfathomable sabbatical—Mansfield Park, the movie. The 1999 movie to be exact.  Have you seen it? Were you as upset as I was?

Background: I wanted a quiet Friday night by myself. I watched three episodes of Strongest Chil-Woo (K-drama, of course) and then decided I needed a little Jane Austen in my life. I’ve seen this version before. Way back when an accurate adaptation wasn’t necessary for my happiness. I had watched it the first time aware of the discrepancies but not caring too much either way. Guess what? Not now. I’m thoroughly annoyed and even perhaps disgusted with some additions and cuts from what I consider an excellent story in its original form.

Fanny Price’s brother, her best friend, William was missing. Where did he go? I don’t know. As far as I could tell, he hadn’t even been born. Why does this bother me? Well because he was a major influence and confidante of Fanny’s. They also left out the scene(s) revolving around a piece of jewelry, a cross William gave Fanny. But I guess I should forgive them for that. Since they took out William completely, it would be challenging to fit the cross necklace in. That’s why William shouldn’t have been taken out in the first place. He and the necklace were pivotal in changing Fanny’s feelings, whether for the good or the bad.

That’s ok, though, because they threw in a whole bunch of other stuff! Slavery, a very visual extramarital affair, an awkward glimpse into Edmund’s feelings that came way too early and then was forgotten for the next 45 minutes, a vocal Fanny, and hints at homosexuality in Mary Crawford. I guess if you’re going to disregard Austen’s novel, then you might as well do it completely.

Ok, that’s all. I just wanted to complain to people who might empathize. Resume your normal activities now. I’ll go back to cleaning gunk off of kitchen cabinets. FYI, I found a marvelous recipe for that. It works miracles.


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