NaNoWriMo Day 8

NaNoWriMo 8Hey, guys, guess what? I’m behind! Big surprise. After the first week, we should be at about 12,000 words. Yeah, not me, as you can clearly see. I’ve been working on a project that’s taking up the majority of my time, i.e., I was up until 5 AM Friday night/Saturday morning doing it. It’s time-consuming but also extremely enjoyable. I’ll be writing a post about that next week, if not later this week, so be sure to look out for it!

Here are my problems from the past four days:

Problem 1: I can’t write words correctly. I’ve done this before but seem to be doing it at a higher rate than usual. Let’s take a look. “With her” is always written, if you’re a normal person, as “with + her.” If you’re me, however, it becomes “wither” and “with + the” is then “withe,” while “the + hem” is now “them.” I’ve decided “th” is the bane of my existence. Does anyone else have this problem??

Problem 2: I have so many fragments and short, unconnected scenes that it looks more like puzzle pieces than an actual story. I’ll have to put them together at the end of the month, and hopefully it’ll form a picture. I guess it’s good I like puzzles?

Problem 3: I’m on the fence about the names I chose. That’s usually one of those things I deliberate about for a good long while before writing, but I don’t have that kind of time during NaNoWriMo. I feel committed to them now since I’ve written so much. But believe you me, I’ll be changing them in the second draft!

Problem 4: Are these characters 17 or 30? I can’t tell. They’re frustrating is what they are. I mean that in the fondest way possible. I know I’m writing them, but I keep writing things that I doubt a 17-year-old would say or do. It’s supposed to be YA; however, it’s currently waffling between angsty MG and childish adult. This is not my first foray into YA, so I’m blaming “th” and moving on with life.

I hope my problems make your problems seem far less devastating. I do what I can to help!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 8

  1. #1: I just bought a new keyboard because my husband spilled and entire mug of coffee (complete with cream and LOTS off sugar) onto my last one a few weeks ago, causing the keys to stick. It died yesterday. Okay, it didn’t die. I threw it on the floor and jumped up and down on it because I was sick of the keys sticking/not working. So now I keep adding extra letters and since the backspace key is smaller than what I’m used to, i keep hitting this key:\\\\\\!! I leave the misspelled words alone and have started putting a # where I want to go back and delete stuff later. #2: My entire novel is written out off sequence. I will fix that later. I have each section separated by a page break. #3: Lucy is my MC, but I don’t like her name. I will rename her later. there are few others that I may change later too. #4: My MC is supposed to be 26, but I already screwed up her timeline along with some of the family history. I’ll fix that later too. Right now, I’m just trying to get the draft onto digital paper. You are not alone in these struggles!! Keep chugging away–you can do this! (by the way, I am way behind too)

    1. Oh no! I feel your pain with keyboard issues. My last laptop was British because mine broke when I was in Scotland doing my master’s and, well, you can’t be without a computer doing that. I bought a British one and had the worst trouble adjusting since keys are in different spots. I finally memorized where American keys are, but it was pretty amusing watching everyone else try to use it! Good luck with your character names and writing out of sequence. I’m sure we’ll both figure it out later??

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