NaNoWriMo Day 12

NaNoWriMo (1)Hello, friends! I am still very very far behind, but seriously, guys, why do I keep having to go out of town? I’m in a hotel typing this up right now. I could have taken the day off, but I thought you guys might want to know what I’ve been up to with my writing. Let me preface this by saying: I’m hardly going to write anything until Sunday because I’m visiting my aunt and helping her take down wallpaper and paint since I like climbing things, and she doesn’t. I haven’t written at all for day 12, nor will I since I need to be at her house in 8 hours. Let’s talk about miracles today. I love miracles when it comes to my writing.

Miracle 1: I found a really good writing spot in my house! It’s on my stomach on the floor in the rarely used living room. It’s fantastic. I get a lot of work done there. Should I get tired of lying down, I sit up and use the piano bench as a table! Quirky? Yes, but it works, and I like that.

Miracle 2: Choosing last names for characters (which I had previously ignored) was a lot easier than the first names.

Miracle 3: I had two writing sprees this week. Both of which left me writing as fast as humanly possible because my brain was going 100 times faster than my hand. Sure, my hand cramped, but I also got out 1400 words in 2 hours. That’s pretty good for me.

Miracle 4: I had an epiphany last night. I was writing this stupid dramatic scene when I thought, “Gosh, this is a million times harder than that awkward funny scene way back in the beginning. Maybe I should write comedies and forget this sad stuff.”

I called my dad and said, “People think I’m funny sometimes, AND comedy writing comes more easily. Maybe I should write humor?”

He said, in his oh-so-fatherly-told-you-so voice, “That’s what I’ve been telling you for years!” I imagine he threw his arms up in a good-grief-where-have-you-been sort of way, too.

And then he proceeded to give it some thought and said I should submit a short story I wrote a couple of years ago to Saturday Evening Post, since I was rejected by another magazine. That is by far his favorite piece of mine. He constantly asks, “Have you adapted ‘Tongue Tied’ for adults yet?”

Regardless of what anyone thinks of my writing style, I have to say I am quite happy that perhaps I’ve found what’s been wrong with my writing all these years. Why I have trouble finishing multiple drafts of novels, and why I was able to write about 10 drafts of that short story in a month. I had so much fun with it. Maybe I will try my hand at a humorous novel. I always do end up squeezing in jokes here and there, usually in the form of a self-aware and awkward character (or some variation thereof), might as well go for the full thing!

Those were my miracles for the past few days. I hope you’ve all had miracles and epiphanies, too!

P.S. This is an amusing anecdote. I was typing up something I had written. Word kept telling me “seeked” was wrong, and I sat there for three minutes trying to figure out why. I just could not understand how “seeked” was incorrect. Its only suggestion was “sleek.” I finally went to and typed it in. It also said I was wrong. Only then, after being chastised by two different programs, did I realize I meant to write “sought.” Ha. I’m sure you could all come up with several reasons why I forgot the past tense form of “to seek” so I’ll let you handle that while I go to sleep. Thanks!


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