blade-man1I like absurdity. I like the way nothing makes sense, the way it’s laughably foolish. This is my revelation of the day. I started watching a K-drama called Blade Man (aka Iron Man). I’ve seen one episode and laughed my head off because of its absurdity.

Do you know what else I found out? Other people don’t like absurdity. I read a review of the first episode over at my favorite drama reviewing site, Dramabeans. The reviewer didn’t like it because it was too crazy for them. Apparently, neither did many of the people who commented. That’s absurd to me (ha!). Anything where the premise is a man who sprouts real blades of varying lengths on his back when he gets angry and whose anger can change the weather so it storms is going to be comic book kind of absurd. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that if you ask me.

Everyone has their own tastes, and maybe I’m inclined to the ridiculous. I mean there’s no other way to explain why I wrote a character once who is so super pretty that men literally faint whenever they look at her. It’s nonsensical. It’d take a sudden drop in blood pressure or to be beaten to a pulp etc for someone to faint. They wouldn’t just do it because she opened a door and stood in their vicinity. Sometimes I think I tamp down the absurdity in my stories for fear of people thinking I’m too crazy. We can’t write to please everyone—a lesson I remind myself of constantly.

Maybe I should follow the example of the writer for Blade Man and amp up the absurdity. After all, it’d make me really happy! How many people think I should? Raise your hand!


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