New Year’s Resolution; or what will only happen if pigs fly

How’s that for a optimism? It’s not even the new year, and I’m already assuming I won’t accomplish my resolution. You won’t be surprised once I tell you what it is. Gather around everyone. Listen carefully. My New Year’s resolution is to finish the second draft of any of my four novels. I heard you all grumble, “She’s been saying that for ages. She never gets it done. What a joke.” under your breath. I agree. It is a big joke, hence the pigs fly part of the post title.

I’m using reverse psychology on myself. If I assume I won’t finish, that means I will, right? Right?! I have to finish a second draft at some point. 2016 might as well be the year. It’s as good as any except for maybe four years ago when I wrote the first draft of two of them. Do you know what I find astounding? I can manage 50,000 words in one month, but that second draft of 80,000, or so, eludes me for years and years. I mean really, what is that?

Should I come up with a plan, a schedule of sorts? Or just dive right in and hope or the best? Plans and I don’t always get along. I make a plan. I veer off said plan after a few hours. I don’t make a plan, and I still veer away from any goal I set myself. I either lack discipline, faith, or courage to do it. Maybe all three. But I’ve decided 2016 is my year. And if I fail? Well, that’s nothing new. It wouldn’t be a great blow to my confidence by any means. If I’m really lucky, I’ll finish two. Fingers crossed!

May your second drafts come to you without kicking and screaming. Happy (early) New Year and (belated) Merry Christmas!

P.S. I’m also going to get back to writing book reviews and 18th century things. I’ve been remiss.

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