Frances Burney Revisited

Remember that time, 10 months to the day actually, that I posted a biography about Frances Burney and promised you a review in a week or two of her first novel Evelina? I haven’t forgotten about it. But for today, I’ll give you a mini introduction to my reactions when I first read it.

I read Evelina in my Development of the Novel course at St. Andrews. I was rather smitten with my professor at the time so obviously nothing he suggested could be horrible, right? Something about his intelligence and love of 18th-century literature made me swoon slightly. Anyway, it was one of the few novels that semester I managed to finish reading in the week allotted me with all my other work. He was right. I loved it. As I’ve come to find, Burney’s writing is always witty, and Evelina is no exception. Right then and there, I knew I had found one of the literary loves of my life. The rest is history.

For a biography of Burney, refer to this post. Stay tuned for my review of Evelina, appearing Thursday for real this time. I even have 90% of it written!


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