Doodle Monday and Questions about Sketchbooks

man 2It’s Doodle Monday! That’s a new thing and will only happen when I have a doodle. This is a man. He has no back story. Give him one if you’d like. I’m really proud of myself for making him smile instead of frown. I must be in a good mood today. Also, I stopped drawing because I have the worst trouble with necks and shoulders, so he kind of just peters out. Maybe I’ll manage to conquer that in the next ten years.

On to business. I’m making a sketchbook with bookboard and handmade book cloth. Since I’m not an artist, I’d like your opinion about the inside. Please answer my questions if you’re so inclined to be helpful today!

  1. Size?

  2. Smooth paper? Or do you prefer a little tooth?

  3. What kind of binding? Exposed spine like coptic stitch? Hardback? Lies open flat?

  4. How many pages?

  5. And anything else you think of.

Thanks, guys!

P.S. I’ll even show you the finished project when it’s done.


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