Dissonance Soundtrack: Track 2

Today’s track is another Florence and the Machine song, the beautiful “No Light, No Light.” I would never presume to guess what Florence Welch was intending you to get from this song, but I will say that this also fits my character Ivy well. Last week, I mentioned how “Never Let Me Go” evoked the suffocation Ivy feels at her darkest hour. This week, though, “No Light, No Light” shines a different light (har har har) on her character.

To me, the song embodies Ivy reaching out for help but not knowing how. She wants something different for her life and is begging someone to be patient as she attempts to puzzle her way back to two feet on solid ground. No matter what she has to do, righting wrongs, admitting defeat etc., she will do anything. We all need someone to understand what we’re going through because he or she might be the only ones capable of bringing us back to earth. Ivy is no different.

It’s very hard for me to write these descriptions without giving away bits of the story. Nothing good ever comes easy, right?

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