The Vulnerability of Ivy

As I was plotting Dissonance and reading through what I have, I thought of a scene that had to be there. It’s not a particularly plot-moving scene, but it would be great for character development. And, if we’re perfectly honest, it’s one I really want to write because of the squeals it might provoke from readers, but mostly because of the vulnerability it shoves onto Ivy. Without giving too much away, Ivy is the type of person who doesn’t open up to anyone. She prefers to take care of herself. She’s strong. For all intents and purposes, she can handle most of what life throws at her, which is why I want to put her in this situation. There is no way she could handle it on her own and with that realization she becomes vulnerable, losing that sense of power she had before.

This is a milestone for me. I will admit I have never put my characters into situations that I know they would hate because I’m not sure I’ve ever cared about a character as much as I do Ivy. With saying that, I know it might seem as if I’ve never put forth much effort in my other works, but that’s not the case. It’s only that this time there is so much I want to say, much more than the other novels. The others might be considered more “fluff” pieces, I suppose. Dissonance is by no means literary fiction, but I do hope it holds more than an amusing story with a fast-paced plot. Gandalf once said in a book review for Veronica Roth’s Divergent, that she “didn’t walk away from the book with an expanded worldview.” Ever since reading that, I’ve been determined to have her walk away from Dissonance with a little more love for my characters. I’ve been adding more and more layers to the story, stretching the characters in directions they’d hate so that hopefully it will get me to where I want it to be, where Gandalf will beg for more, and I will be proud of Ivy and her journey.

P.S. I’m now thinking “The Vulnerability of Ivy” would make a fantastic short story title. Hmm…


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