Egad, a nightmare! Bring it on.

I have had two dreams, nightmares really, this week where someone in my family was very ill and dying. I woke up each time right when I was about to let out a choking sob after hearing the news. It put me in a funk for a while. So much so, that I had to remind myself over and over that it was only a dream.

It’s only a dream. It’s only a dream. It’s only a dream. Maya, it’s only a dream.

But I still told them to take care of themselves because a nightmare stays with you. Adults don’t have nightmares as often as children, and most, I believe, don’t have nightmares at all. I do, though. More often than I’d like. While I’ve gotten used to the ones where someone tries to kill me, or I’m possessed by ghosts, I still cannot get over the ones that involve family. However, I’m turning that lurking menace into a novel and taking control of it. Come NaNoWriMo time in 7 days, I’ll whip those nightmares into something useful. I love putting things to good use, don’t you?

What are you writing about this NaNoWriMo season?


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