Discipline Goals: Week 1 Day 1

I’ve started Week 1 of my Discipline Goals. To hold myself accountable, I’ll post at least 100 of the words I write for each day. I’ve written about 150 today, but I’m not getting cocky. AND it doesn’t mean I only have to write 50 tomorrow. Otherwise, my discipline wouldn’t improve whatsoever. Here’s some of what I wrote:

I took my spot next to him and grabbed hold of the rope. “It’s a good day to die.”

Always!” John roared over the crash of thunder.

We pulled the rope relentlessly, feeling the seconds zip by. It was now or never. If we didn’t get the veil up completely, I really would be dead. That happened a few times before I caught on to this mist thing. My parents had neglected to inform me of the curse before they died. What good is inheriting all this money and a crown when I’m supposed to die every other Tuesday? Not much if you ask me.

Happy writing!

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