Discipline Goals: Week 1 Day 2

Today was a little harder to buckle down and write. Even though I wrote about 100 words more than yesterday, I had much more difficulty getting it out. I’m going to blame it on having a soccer game on at the same time, instead of zoning out with music through my headphones! It’s not at all because I lack discipline. That’s just silly.

I grunted as the rope burned my skin, rubbing it raw. A sharp pain shot from my hands and up my arms as a blister burst open. But the veil was almost up. I could see the end. The mist climbed faster and faster, creating more and more hands and feet. It was on the castle walls now. If it got in…if it got to the bell tower, I was doomed. I bit down and pulled and heard John’s muffled grunt beside me. We were almost there. A few more tugs and then…the rope began to slip through my hands, slick with blood and pus. With all my strength, I gripped the thick threads of the rope, willing it to stay between my hands. I couldn’t let it fall. Not now when we were so close. The mist was at the floor below. Every hair on my body stood. It was coming. It was here.

Happy writing!


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