My Champion

Life got away from me. Or perhaps life ran away with me. I was too busy moving, traveling, visiting family and friends, working, doing LIFE that I didn’t write. Sometimes I didn’t even feel a pang of guilt that I hadn’t done it in oh so many days or even weeks. Although, it’s always there in the back of mind, niggling away, pushing against the other thoughts that crowded it. They suffocated it, leaving my writing to emails, text messages, and a few handwritten letters.

But then I found someone who inspires and encourages me, who doesn’t let me get away with not writing. Quite literally, he gives me homework assignments that amount to anything from writing prompts, to word count minimums, and reading a chapter of a book. He’s my support for writing and so many other things, and for that, I’ll call him My Champion. He pushes me, the guardian of my hopes and dreams, so I keep them alive. My Champion doesn’t let me give up on my writing or myself.

One day, I’ll champion myself, but I hope he always encourages me and believes in me. We all need someone to do that. I hope you find your Champion.

Happy writing!


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