Should I start with what seems to be the requisite “What should I say about myself?”? No, that’s boring. I’ll start with my name. Oh shoot. That’s also ordinary. Oh well, there’s nothing for it. I’m Maya. Here are some things I like: reading books, writing books, binding books, and editing books. In case you weren’t reading closely, or the words started to blur because you’ve been staring at your bright computer screen for too long, there’s a theme–books. I’m a book person to my bank account’s chagrin. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet written that bestseller I keep bragging about to my friends. One friend, who I’ll call Smarty Pants (you’ll see why), reminds me about once a month, “A bestseller would require you finishing a novel.” Ah, Smarty Pants. You are my conscience indeed.

So while I’m still writing that bestseller (surely one of the four works-in-progress I have going), I enlighten everyone with random facts about the 18th century, review MG and YA literature, chronicle my writing and bookbinding endeavors, and give in-depth reviews of classic literature well-known or not (You see, I have a master’s in Literature and Society: 1688-1900. So obviously, I’m qualified.).

I’m going to go back to reading a book now.


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