Suffocating Disinterest

I told My Champion I wanted to make my life more meaningful. He told me to write about my thought process on that, treat it like a prompt.

So what is meaning? How do I make my life more meaningful?

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Writing is a Marathon

I’m working on my graphics. Always hoping to improve!

Writing is a marathon, and I’m failing. I started the race full on, sprinting with the best of them, but somewhere after the first mile, I lost speed, energy, and motivation. I’m now walking, sometimes even crawling. The finish line is nowhere in sight, and sometimes I feel like I’ve lost the path, turned down a dirt road that wasn’t there in the first place. It was a mirage, imagined up in my desperation. That’s what it is—desperation.

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3 Times My Brain Lied to Me about Writing

Writing is hard. Your brain is your best ally and your worst enemy. You need it to write, but Lord knows, it can kick you in the gut until you give up. The following list are feelings spurred on by my oh-so-loving brain. I’ve experienced all of them, and they are ALL WRONG. I want to believe that. I want to know deep down that I am none of those things, yet my mind tells me I am. This plays off my post from last week about approval and how demanding/expecting it from yourself is futile. But here I am, a week later, asking myself “Am I good enough? Do I belong? Do I even know what I’m doing?”

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Approval Is Not You

Do you ever ask yourself why you bother submitting your short story anywhere? I am right now. Not because it’s bad or out of some belief that I never should have written in the first place but rather from a place of apathy. I don’t know the exact statistic, but the majority of submitted stories to any magazine or journal are rejected. That begs the question: why submit in the first place?

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Tightening Up Prose

Words have a way of making or breaking a sentence, or even a business deal or relationship. When you think about it that way, it’s a wonder people don’t choose their words more wisely, as the saying goes. Words, spoken or written, have been an important form of communication for centuries. You can communicate in other ways, art, gestures, and body language to name a few, but when two people get together, most of the time language is the relied upon form. So why don’t we think more carefully before we speak or write anything?

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A Novel Beginning

This picture screams Dissonance to me. Not sure why.

The story’s beginning should be gripping, something that would stand out because attentions spans are shorter than they used to be. Who wants to read a boring book anyway? I’m going to share the beginning scene of my novel-in-progress Dissonance. What do you think of the first 600 or so words? Could it use some more action or tweaking? Thank you for reading!

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