Life Jokes

stood up color 2I made this for something else that I’ve been working on for months. However, it’s taking longer than I thought to finish so I wanted to give you a preview (And also, I needed a break from writing. Don’t tell anyone.)! Here’s a little cartoony thing I drew. It’s not a good joke unless you’re in my head, but that’s not recommended. I’m aware that it doesn’t make sense as it is, but that’s why it’s only a draft. If you do get the joke, you deserve brownies!

Anyway, thanks for indulging me as always. Happy doodling!


In Search of Lost Tone


In Search of Lost Tone, aka a re-purposing of an old doodle

Perhaps one of the most difficult elements of any piece of writing is the tone. Then again shouldn’t it be the easiest if you know your topic well enough? Let’s say you’re writing about someone dying and the effect it has on other characters. Surely, the tone would be more serious than funny, more melancholy than cheerful. Not so, I say. I’ve discovered during the process of writing two of my novels that tone can be incredibly easy and a lot more elusive than we would think.

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Doodle Monday and Questions about Sketchbooks

man 2It’s Doodle Monday! That’s a new thing and will only happen when I have a doodle. This is a man. He has no back story. Give him one if you’d like. I’m really proud of myself for making him smile instead of frown. I must be in a good mood today. Also, I stopped drawing because I have the worst trouble with necks and shoulders, so he kind of just peters out. Maybe I’ll manage to conquer that in the next ten years.

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