As for my rating system, I decided that one number isn’t good enough. I’ll be rating the books based on “how much I actually enjoyed it” and “objectively, how good the writing was.” There can be a wide difference in both. Sometimes, you hate a book that is well-written and vice versa. Each number will be scored out of 10. The first number listed is how much I enjoyed it. The second is an objective view on the writing.


Kelly Barnhill Iron Hearted Violet

A moving tale that shows you how to live and love without patronizing the reader makes Iron Hearted Violet a must-read. 9/9



Linda Buckley-Archer The Time Travelers 

Steeped in history with a fast-moving plot that was sometimes overly complicated with discussion of time travel, The Time Travelers is a must-read for its use of somewhat unusual fantasy elements (not magic!) while still being grounded in a very realistic society. 9/8


Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book

If parents are looking for an enriching book for their child to read, then The Graveyard Book should be on the top of the list. With a character who questions everything and desires to learn (there should be more of this in the world!), and rich, well-written prose, this book will surely open both children and adults up to a world of imagination. 10/10



Kristin Cashore Graceling 

Katsa’s development as a character brings this story to life and is the driving force behind it. However, the plot fizzles out in the end, leaving you wondering how such a strong character could be dealt such a flat ending. 6/7


J. Giambrone Transfixion

As with any book, Transfixion has its ups and downs. But with a solid beginning and ending and a protagonist that’s more like you and me than we give her credit for, it’s worth the read. So, get yourself a copy and buckle up. 8/7



Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I’ll continue to read the series because it was interesting enough for me to do so, but in the later books, I would like to see a faster moving plot through the middle. Maybe Jacob will do something completely out of the ordinary in Hollow City that will blow me away. 7/8



divergentVeronia Roth Divergent 

With compelling characters, Divergent is a must-read, especially for those who are fans of the Hunger Games. But when you find your mind a little jostled toward the end, shake it off. After all, maybe it all makes sense in the later books. 8/7


Veronica Roth Insurgent

Insurgent lacks plot development and movement, while simultaneously flipping the characters on top of their heads so they’re hardly recognizable from the first book. If you’re like me, you’ll read it anyway because you have to finish any series you start. Just beware: Divergent set the bar too high for Insurgent. 4/4


Maggie Stiefvater Lament

Although I wanted more and disliked some parts, it still did what a novel is supposed to do—keep me flipping pages. 5/4



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