SALTNPAPER’s “Bye, Autumn”

I have an uncanny knack for procrastinating with my NaNoWriMo novel, and it just so happens that today’s method was a K-drama. This song came on while watching Jealousy Incarnate, and I’m now in a funk of melancholy. It’s too bad I haven’t gotten to the sad part of my NaNo novel to use this as inspiration. I thought I’d share it with you, not because I want you to be melancholy, too, (even if misery loves company), but I think it deserves attention. I, personally, have a few things weighing on me, and I find that tapping into the wistfulness through music can be therapeutic.

I’m really going to write now. If I can stop replaying this song, that is.


Dissonance Soundtrack: Track 2

Today’s track is another Florence and the Machine song, the beautiful “No Light, No Light.” I would never presume to guess what Florence Welch was intending you to get from this song, but I will say that this also fits my character Ivy well. Last week, I mentioned how “Never Let Me Go” evoked the suffocation Ivy feels at her darkest hour. This week, though, “No Light, No Light” shines a different light (har har har) on her character.

To me, the song embodies Ivy reaching out for help but not knowing how. She wants something different for her life and is begging someone to be patient as she attempts to puzzle her way back to two feet on solid ground. No matter what she has to do, righting wrongs, admitting defeat etc., she will do anything. We all need someone to understand what we’re going through because he or she might be the only ones capable of bringing us back to earth. Ivy is no different.

It’s very hard for me to write these descriptions without giving away bits of the story. Nothing good ever comes easy, right?

Dissonance Soundtrack: Track 1

I’ve seen many authors talk about creating a soundtrack or playlist for their novels. I remember one even put the list in the back of her book for readers. At that time, I had been assembling my own soundtrack of sorts for CAOHC. Sometimes a song depicts a scene in your novel perfectly, and sometimes it’s an emotion, or a character’s personality. Whatever it may be, I do believe that music can help deepen your own understanding of your novel. This works especially well if you’re more of an auditory learner, or a good old music lover.

I’ve decided to assemble a soundtrack for Dissonance in the hopes that it’ll inspire me to finish the last 2/3 of the novel. I’ll be sharing it with you so you can get a better idea of the tone. Don’t forget to click here to read Dissonance‘s blurb!

This first song is Florence and the Machine’s “Never Let Me Go.” My main character, Ivy, goes through the most traumatic event of her life within the first few chapters. In the aftermath, she struggles to find her footing again, if at all. This is how she feels, the beginning of the end.

B.A.P – Feel So Good

There are days when you don’t want to go to work, where you’d rather lie in bed for the rest of the day because facing what lies ahead is too hard. Maybe you have a big presentation to give or a meeting with the hire-ups. Maybe someone you love is ill, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or maybe you’re just too plain tired to drag yourself out of bed. I have been through all of those things, and most days, I really would rather stay in bed. My bed is warm, not to mention how comforting it is to snuggle beneath a blanket. Alas, we can’t, and shouldn’t, stay in bed.

So for all those mornings (read: every morning), the first thing I do is play this song. This is a new tradition since this song was only released a month ago. But I have to say, it certainly helps me start my day on the right foot! It’s B.A.P’s “Feel So Good.” Go ahead. Let loose and dance like your tween self would have!

I hope you all feel so good you can conquer that morning dread and choose to face the day with happiness!

BIGBANG-Fantastic Baby

The dictionary definition of insane, at least to me. All the more exciting for it. I’m not the only one who thinks so–it has almost 109,000,000 views. Let me know what you think!

P.S. I’m off to read Mansfield Park, which is why it’s K-pop Monday.

B.A.P-빗소리 (Rain Sound)

It’s been a dreary and wet Saturday, my kind of day. The sound of the rain hitting the glass a few feet from my bed and the low rumble of thunder moving in reminded me of this song by B.A.P, a K-pop group that debuted in 2012. “빗소리” (“Rain Sound,”): 비 (bi) in Korean is “rain;” 소리 (soli) is “sound.” They’re singing about missing a girl as the sound of the rain brings up memories of their past.

What does the sound of rain mean to you? To me, it’s a reminder to slow down and relax, savoring the little moments in life, like the sound of the drops tapping against the window pane, because I miss much more when I’m buzzing around without stopping, listening, and observing.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! Or at least find the colorful music video appealing.