Works in Progress

I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, questions etc that you may have about my works in progress! I really do appreciate your feedback on the story ideas. So feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via email. Thanks!



Come Away O Human Child-2nd draft, 19,813 words

Fourteenth-century Ireland isn’t a walk in the park but especially not for an orphaned girl who, unbeknownst to her, has a close relationship with an old Celtic goddess. When crows start flocking to Fianna while all other animals flee, she starts to think that maybe there’s something more going on than being betrothed to the most odious man in Ireland.

She and her best friend Aoife flee their betrotheds only to be sucked into Tir na Nog, the ancient land of the Tuatha de Danaan, by a faerie. Stuck in a war between faeries and humans,  a ridiculous prophecy, and the increasing presence of the Celtic goddess, will Fianna be able to save Aoife, let alone her own humanity?

Dissonance-2nd draft, 32,060 words

Ivy’s life has never been normal. After all, she’s the only one who can see the music of a broken heart and fix it. But what happens when her heart breaks?

Her already unique life spirals out of control when her friend Sorrow takes hold and won’t let go. Will she be able to fix her own heart? Does she even want to?

Glitch-1st draft completed, replotting for 2nd draft

Two cyborgs fall in love when emotions don’t exist. Talk about a big glitch in the system. What happens next when up is down and left is right? Good question.


Mina vs. The Time Thieves-2nd draft, 7,432 words

Have you ever heard of the Time Realm? Neither had Mina until her parents dropped that bombshell on her when she turned eleven. It went something like this: “Congratulations, honey! You’re transferring schools because we’ve been keeping a huge secret from you your whole life. Good luck!”

Mina soon wishes her parents had never told her when she becomes the next Shaper. Now she has the ability to create, control, and change time. Not only that, but her first duty is to defeat a rogue Observer who’s raised an army of Time Thieves to steal everyone’s Time! Can a girl get a break around here?

Short Stories


Tongue Tied-completed, reworking into adult version

Nia is tired of hearing the thundering roar of a body crashing to the floor whenever her best friend Bea walks into a room. Seriously. She’s considering finding a new best friend. But for some strange reason, her next-door neighbor Cai always seems to have two feet firmly planted on the ground. Maybe it’s those voluminous wavy locks that I could stare at forever that…. Shoot! Did I say that aloud? I’m not good at this third-person thing.


The Cuckoo Clock-completed, out on submission

Aileen is haunted by her memories. Every day she tries to forget them, but a cuckoo clock won’t let her. Does she even want to?